LED Lighting

Where Can I Install LED Strip Lighting?

You get the best mood-improving cheer and ambiance with LED strip lights. LED strip lights can be one of the most inexpensive but profound upgrade elements to any room or living space. Be it a bedroom, a den or media room, kitchen or bbq station or pool and patio area or just the entrance to a home, LED strip lighting adds that elusive perfect finishing touch and it can transform a living space alone as a single solution to that improvement you’ve been trying to figure out.

Can I Install LED Strip Lighting Both Indoors and Outdoors?

Sometimes. Some LED Strip lights are designed for indoor use only, but there are LED strip lights you can use in either case. They do great everywhere like this option from e-Conolight’s LED Strip lighting choices: https://www.e-conolight.com/e-clc24wws.html

Your Guide To LED Lighting

If in doubt, check the guide and instructions before you buy. e-Conolight has abundant instructions for their products, including video instructions and tutorials.

LED Lighting Indoors & Out

What if by a few clicks or taps online, you could save your business or company thousands of dollars a year? Would you do it if it was as simple as bringing in LED Lighting, the new and very environmentally friendly lighting technology to replace the old-school lighting you have all over your business now?

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Are your work, business and customer areas not only poorly lit, out of date looking and just plain expensive? Indoors and out, there is an LED Lighting solution that is just right for your application and your business situation.

Let’s start with the fact that watt for watt and lumen for lumen, an LED light produces 5 or 6 times the light of a regular or even fluorescent bulb. Why stumble around in the dark or make your customers feel less safe and secure when you can light up the place for pennies on the dollar? Not only do LED lights produce the same light with a fraction of the power but they outlast conventional bulbs by years. That’s right. Years. You’re saving on both power and equipment.

Indoor & Outdoors, LED Lights Win The Night!

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